Full Face mask with bayonet connection

Article No. JS 3050   |   Model No. BLS 5600
Product Name : Full Face mask with bayonet connection
Details :

Face seal
Made of soft thermoplastic rubber.

Bayonet connection (b-lock)
This connection is highly intuitive, allowing a quick and safe hold on the mask. It has a locking feedback allowing the user to know if the filter has been properly placed.

Face-piece in silicone
Guarantees performance and duration.

Designed to avoid fogging on the visor through the control of the cold and hot air flows inside the mask, instead of treatments which can easily be spoiled with use.

Visore (Live Visor)

In optical class 1 (EN 166) it allows to have a panoramic view without optical distortions. A vitrification treatment makes it scratch-proof. It is also resistant against impact. Tested with V50 bulletproof ballistic test (MIL-STD-662F: 1997).

Harness (Komfort)
Fixed on 6 points directly on the rigid body of the mask in order not to deform the face seal. It allows to distribute the weight of the respirator evenly without leaving face marks.