PU Coated CU Proof Gloves

Article No. JS 1058   |   Model No. JS 1058
Product Name : PU Coated CU Proof Gloves
Details :
Art No. JS 1058

PU Coated Cut Proof Gloves – Level 3

Material : 13G HPPE Nylon Spandex Glass Fibre Knit with grey PU coated size : 9/L

Features & Benefits :

– Light Weight Engineered Yarns for Increased Cut Protection

– Light Weight Engineered Yarns provide the highest cut protection to weight ratio.

– 13-gauge finely-knitted yarn gives maximum tactility for precision handling of sharp objects

– Exceptional dexterity and Comfort

– Protects hand from sharp metals, glasses, ceramics, and other sharp edges

– Designed to be Robust and durable

– Advanced yarn technology increases worker confidence while on the job

– Polyurethane coating improves tactile sensitivity

– Maximum cut level : 3 & 5 (highest level)

– Washable for extended wear & personal hygiene

Applications : Handling oils and greases, Handling sharp-edged material like glasses, metal sheets, tiles, solar panels, blades, knives, Automotive & Aerospace, Metal Fabrication, Solar panel  &  glass industry, Small parts handling; using tools and instruments Tiling / masonry, Plumbing, General Industry