JS 28006

Article No. JS 28006   |   Model No. Claw
Product Name : JS 28006
Details :

Permanent Vertical Life Line System CLAW

The new Claw cable runner is a unique solution for permanently installed climbing protection systems, allowing employees safe access when working at heights or depths. The cable runner is suitable for vertical access to steel ropes with a diameter of 8 mm. Its double safety construction also prevents incorrect installation, thanks to the integrated locking mechanism, for example. In addition, a skull symbol clearly indicates the application error “incorrect installation”. If the climber slip or falls, the carabiner swings very suddenly downwards. This how the CLAW stops the fall.The Runner is suitable for maintenance or servicing work on wind turbines, buildings, masts or manholes. The product is certified in accordance with EN 353-1:2014 as a guided type fall arrester including a rigid anchor line. It secures a maximum of one person weighing from 50 kg to 150 kg