Tychem F Gas Tight Suit

Article No. JS 4005   |   Model No. —
Product Name : Tychem F Gas Tight Suit
Details :
Proctective clothing for use aginst liquid & gaseous chemicals, including liquid aerosols & solid particals performance reqirment for unventiled encapsulting protective clothing with gas tight connection

Gas tight & self contained breating appratus [scba ]worn out side of the garment the suitmade of ultrasonic welding with tape Tychem -f coverall with altrasonic welding

This chemical protection suits are especially ideal for use in industrial cleaning chemical manufacturing & the petrochemical industry & where high mechanical strenght is needed also antistatic fabric EN 1149-1 & EN 149- 5 reqirments the antistatic treatments of suit is only neffective in humidity of more then 25% when the wearer & suit are correctly grounded