Aluminised Suit

Article No. JS 4023   |   Model No. 
Product Name : Aluminised Suit
Details :
Aluminized suit against heat protection 400 c to 1200 c consist of three/four layer – pant, coat, hood with mica viser made as per specified temperature. Aluminized suit against heat from 400 c to 1200 c. Made of different layer accordingly aplication of use : A made two layer– aluminised fiber & fire retardant or woolan lining | B made of three layer – aluminised fiber glass & woolen lining & fire retardant | C made of four layer – aluminised fiber glass febric & heat vapour barrier & woolen lining & fire retardant.
Aluminise back open coat agianst heat protection |
Special for working aginst gold making factory