Power Filtering Device – SGE 2600

Article No. JS 3020   |   Model No. SGE 2600
Product Name : Power Filtering Device – SGE 2600
Details :
Protection against Dust, Fumes and Mists.

1) PAPR SGE 2600 With CE Marked According to EN 12942 Standard Powered Fitering Device Protection Against Dust , Fume, And Mists The Powered Fitering Devicees Provide Suitable Filtered Air In Any Enverment.

2) Constant Air Flow And Absensce Of Breathing Effort Make This System Ideal For Thet Hard Work Such As Asbestos Removal. They are made by:

3) Fan Unit Powered By A Recharging Battery The Feature An Audible And Visual Warning Of A Discharged Battery The Red Led Flashes And The Audiable Beeper Sound An Alart For The Wearer

4) Casing Is Moulded In Tough Impect Resistant Abs For Maximam Security And Services Life Smooth External Slatted Cover Protecs The Filter And Fan Inlet During Shower

5) Corrugated Hose And Water Proof Cover