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  Gas Welder Lens - IR 5
Article No. JS 7011   |   Model No. --
Product Name : Gas Welder Lens - IR 5
Details :

ES 003

CE, Conforming to EN 166:2001

Containing all the inherent design, sporty and comfort features of the ES 002, the ES 003 has an additional protective quality to offer. It is fitted with a special IR-5 lens, making it an ideal choice for protection to the eyes during gas welding operations.

Area of Use: Areas involving gas welding operations / Areas where there is molten metal; furnaces, etc.

Available Lens Option: Single lens option using IR -5 lens

Lens Features:

Optical class-1,IR -5 lens

Lens scale number 4 - 5

Lens material- Polycarbonate

Hard-coated lens for Scratch-Resistance