Rubber Hand Gloves with grip
Article No. JS 1002   |   Model No. JS 03
Product Name : Rubber Hand Gloves with grip
Details :

·       Standard Gloves provide excellent resistance against chemical and other heavy-duty applications.

     CE0299 approved and conforms to EN 374, EN 388, EN 420.

     Excellent tear strength

·       Permission level to EN 374-3 against methanol, acetone, sodium hydroxide (ABK)

·       No Penetration as per EN 374-2. Performance level – 3 (AQL – Acceptable Quality Level)

·       Mechanical performance to EN 388 abrasion resistance, cut resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance. Performance level class – 0,1.

·       Better Elasticity compared to Nitrile and Vinyl Rubber hand gloves with no hand fatigue.

·       Leaching and Dual rinsing for removal of proteins and unwanted chemicals,

·       Extra Thick quality option also available.

·       The grip is unbeatable, thanks to its raised diamond texture with 60% more surface area, so even when the gloves are wet  you can still hold on tight and keep your hands drier.

·       Ideal for use against Sulphuric Acid, Phenols, Hydrogen Fluoride, Acrylic Acid, DMSO, Propanol, Glycols, Tar, Crude Oil, Heptane, Hexane, Spirits, etc.

·       Available in following models:

Size 12” – O1208G, O1210G, O1212G

Size 14” – O1414G, O1417G

Size 16” – O1616G

Size 18” – O1818G

Size 22” – O2222G

Size 24” – O2424G

(Customized lengths from 12” long to 32” long and different palm sizes available for special requirements)